Specialty Products

Cutting Board Feet (SOFT)


Available in EIGHT colors and 4 Sizes

Many options to Buy on Ebay

Extra Screws For Bumper Feet


Stainless Steel Screws, Zinc Plated Square Drive Screws, Black Screws 

Patina Juice for Zinc and Copper


The juice controls all of us.

Sample Packs


Not sure about size and color?

Cutting Board Feet Sample Packs

Utility Bumper Feet (FIRM)

High Load Bumpers FIRM Silicone Food Grade

These bumpers have a higher load capacity than the soft bumpers, making them more useful for general purpose.  They are made with the same food grade materials, but with square drive Zinc plated screws for faster production without pre-drilling.

XL Bumper Feet For Butcher Blocks

butcher block bumper feet large chopping

These Bumpers are perfect for heavy duty applications.  Superior cushioning for chopping and protecting counter tops.  YOU WILL BE AMAZED

Product Specs

More Products

Gray Abrasive Pads


These are for surface prep on copper and zinc counters and also general purpose cleaning.

Magnets for Toys and Boxes

magnet rare earth neodymium 6mm

6mm x 6mm Rare Earth Magnets

Table Top Clips


Fasteners for attaching wood table tops to the base, allowing wood movement.

Pot Magnets and Round Catches


Used for door catches, hanging tools, etc.

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Levelers for furniture and cabinets.

5/16" threaded stud and T-nut 

The Glue Bottle Solution


The glue system I use.  Nothing is better for control and precise application of glue

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