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Superior Bumper Feet

High Performance Silicone

FOOD SAFE non-toxic silicone rubber bumper feet are suitable for professional kitchen use.  

Heat resistant up to 500 degrees max.

UV and oil resistant.


Stainless steel embedded washers and screws securely fasten these rubber feet for a lifetime of use.

8 Colors -- 6 Sizes -- New Low Profile 3/4" and Extra Small 3/8"

Choose the perfect size bumper foot.

SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, and XL for the big heavy blocks.  

3/4" Low Profile is only 1/4" tall and is now available on Black and Clear

Black, White, Brown, Almond, Gray, Green, Clear, and Orange in stock in 1/2" SMALL and 5/8" MEDIUM

Clear is translucent colorless, the natural appearance of silicone without anything added. 


Oil Resistant.

Heat Resistant.

UV Resistant.





 FIRM Silicone is now available

 in BLACK 1/2" and 5/8" 


FREE Shipping

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FREE Shipping on all orders $50 or more !!

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NEW Bumpers in Stock!

3/4" Low Profile

black rubber bumpers

By popular request, these low profile bumpers are only 1/4" tall but pack all the features of a larger size bumper.  Available in Black or Clear with stainless steel washers embedded inside.  Screws included

Clear Bumpers are fun!

clear rubber bumpers

Silicone in its natural state without anything added.

Extra Small 3/8"

extra small black rubber bumpers

These tiny bumpers are too small for cutting boards, but work great for toys and instruments.  Black or Clear in stock

Worlds Best Cutting Board Feet

cutting board bumper feet

Highest Quality Materials 

New size coming soon 

1" DIA x 5/16" tall low profile LARGE

See All Sizes and Colors

IMPROVED Glue Bottle Solution

Become a Better Woodworker

glue bottle solution complete kit

Put the right amount of glue where you want it with these versatile bottles.

NEW Oval 2 oz bottles

2 oz glue bottles

Won't roll off the workbench.

Now everyone can work smarter.

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bag of glue bottles

Get the complete kit

and more options...

TRY The Glue Bottle Solution

NEW! Stem Bumpers are here!

small orange stem bumpers

Silicone Press-In Bumper Feet

Got small things?  These are the smallest bumpers you can get.  Type C is less than 1/4" DIA.  Type B and A are 3/8" DIA

stem bumpers black clear orange

Recessed heads for maximum versatility

Control the height you want to see AND with the added shear strength of a recessed fit.  Looks cleaner for professional results!

silicone stem bumper

Awesome colors to choose

Black, Clear, Brown, and Orange

The NEW and IMPROVED Push Stick has Arrived

octopush push stick

OCTO Push 5

Could this be the world's best push stick design for table saw use?  Test it and find out for only $40 plus shipping.  

push stick bumpers

DO MORE with your Table Saw

Super gripping silicone bumpers provide incredible control

push stick build kit

Buy On Ebay While Supplies Last $40 Each

Only 5 minutes to assemble - no plans or complicated set ups!

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